Our Story

From the time I was very young I saw myself as a protector and defender of those I love and those who I saw as oppressed by others.  I was drawn toward education, weapons, and sports that gave me a greater ability, in my eyes, to fill this calling that I felt.

As I grew older, joined the military, got married, and had a family of my own, that calling that I felt, was mono focused on my immediate family.  There never seemed to be a job that would let me grow and have the impact that I felt I needed to adequately provide for my large and growing family.  

I decided that starting and growing businesses would be the best avenue for me to accomplish my lofty goals.

The things that drove me to start my business, aside from the economical benefit, was the passion for providing solutions for people to wanted to provide a better, more quality, more long-lasting future for themselves and their families.

So I designed a system where people can grow food for themselves, very quickly, in any environment.  That led to starting a welding company where we built custom solutions for anything that we were presented with.  One of the many things we made were responsive targets.  Being an avid shooter myself I started modifying my firearms to better fit me.  Then, as a hobby, I coached and mentored others to ergonomically and functionally make improvements to their firearms to better suit them.  This led to conversations of "...I wish I could find someone to make ...  for me."  This was in June of 2020 and there was nothing available.  The market was dry.  So these conversations led to "We must do our part and build a company that was focused on manufacturing excellence, with equipment that allowed you to achieve the tightest tolerances, with creativity and ingenuity that could create the coolest and most utilitarian designs."

So I joined forces with some of the greatest minds in the machining world who were also avid shooters like me.  We talked with designers, competitive shooters, collectors, military special forces, and law enforcement to get their collective input on the dream system that would create the firearms of their dreams.

Out of this collaboration, OX Armory was born.

We decided that the most immediate and time-sensitive need was 80% lowers for the AR-15 and the AR-10 Platforms.  These would be followed with more specialty, innovative and creative designs to meet various specific demands.

While we were starting out with just an 80% lower, we felt driven to add as much universal functionality, ergonomic design, and visual appeal as humanly possible.  And because we are milling each lower out of billet aircraft aluminum, we built these benefits into our system.

In a nutshell, we offer the highest quality, most visually and functionally appealing firearm components, on the market.  Our journey is a continuing search for excellence in quality, design, ergonomics, and fit and finish.