Finding Ammunition When Gun Store Shelves Are Barren

Finding Ammunition When Gun Store Shelves Are Barren

Certain makes of firearms are occasionally hard to find in 2021 but ammunition is absolutely scarce and, when found, it comes at a price exponentially higher than it was 12 months ago.

For example, 9mm ammunition, one of the most common rounds for handguns, is quite often priced at $50 a box or more on store shelves, when you get lucky enough to can find it.

You can find a lower price at some stores, like Riverfields in Amarillo, Texas, but the problem is the demand means you may have to be there the moment they place it on shelf or you are not getting it.

Often the case is ammunition shelves are simply barren, regardless of what store one wanders into.

So people ask, ‘Where can I find ammunition for my firearms?’

When stores are out, the go-to option is online. has proven to be a great spot for ammunition, especially rifle ammunition in .308 Win, 300 Blackout, and others. often has ammunition–for handgun and rifle–when many brick and mortar gun stores have none. is another online option that often has ammunition for handguns and rifles where store shelves have none.

If the specific ammunition you seek is extremely high, both in store and online, a different kind of option is Ammo Buy is an aggregation site which shows the latest places and lowest prices for online ammunition sales. The site refreshes regularly and provides a steady flow of information on when certain calibers of ammunition were posted for sale, including the number of boxes being sold and the number of rounds in each box.

Another option is to go straight to the manufacturer. SigSauer Ammunition has high quality self-defense handgun ammunition and hunting rounds on its website and you can buy them directly from the company. Again, demand dictates that supplies fluctuate, but at the time this article was written Sig had 9mm Elite V-Crown hollow-point ammo and .308 Win hunting ammo readily available.

DoubleTapAmmuntion also makes its ammo directly available to the consumer via their website.

The last point on ammunition purchases is to keep your eyes open when you are in ranch stores or western stores, as they are sometimes called in Texas and surrounding parts of the country. And it is not uncommon to spot a few boxes of .223, 30-30, or .30-06, on a shelf while walking through a small-town hardware store either.

If you are in dire need of ammunition avail yourself of all these options and, hopefully, you will find bullets enough to get through this time of scarcity.

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